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None of us is as smart as all of us.

We are born as a fluid reality of professionals, strongly connected by passion for communication and enthusiasm for every project.. Our skills develop in various directions. We are art directors, strategists, graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, video and photo makers, and social media managers.

The world changes, and we change the rules.

We change perspectives, refocus our approach. AFLOW communicates through the language of creativity, thanks to a versatile team that can navigate from social media channels to traditional media. Embracing such a broad range of services, we intercept the real needs of each company, building a trusted relationship with clients through activities that expand across increasingly wider fronts.We find the perfect solution for every need..


Reach achieved


social channels managed


hours of sleep missed


coffees consumed


People, skills, experiences, professionalism, collaboration, passion.

These are the keywords that distinguish the AFLOW team, making it unique in its kind.


Founder e Account Manager

A volcano of ideas and creativity, the pulsating heart of AFLOW. Camilla Paoletti, founder and account manager of AFLOW, is the one who directs the staff, managing to enhance the abilities and skills of each professional.

She works following vibrations and emotions, but don't consider her just a service provider, rather as an extension of your business that will accompany you, hand in hand, throughout the collaboration.

The state of her hair is an indicator of her agitation. The more disheveled and pointing upward they are, the busier she is. However, this doesn't prevent her from maintaining control and succeeding in everything she does. Is it a superpower, perhaps?


Strategist e Social Media Manager

Behind her sweet smile, hides a determined and ambitious strategist and social media manager. Francesca Bini is a black belt in marketing, capable of quickly identifying the strengths of every brand and enhancing them.

Her determination not only leads her to extreme punctuality but also to continuous professional development courses to stay on top of the latest trends, informed, and proactive.

But don't be fooled by her angelic appearance, Francesca loves true crime podcasts and always listens to them while working because they relax her. We could tell her it's not appropriate, but we don't have the courage to do so.


Copywriter e Social Media Manager

A blend of modern and vintage. A 'Grammar Nazi' by passion, Irene De Vito has turned writing into her profession, managing to effortlessly navigate between journalism and marketing.

Direct and proactive, she can collaborate with practically anyone (except those who misuse subjunctives) and create impossible storytelling scenarios in record time and from improbable locations. She considers copywriting to be the most crucial part of the strategy (and we let her believe that).
If you see her squinting (because she'll never admit it, but she can't see a thing), typing on her phone with a concentrated look or scribbling on a piece of paper at a bar, she's definitely working on a critical copy. The strangest place she's done it? At her friend's graduation ceremony.


Foto/Video Maker

Behind the lens, Matteo Vistocco possesses unparalleled sensitivity and creativity. As a photographer and videographer, he is likable, genuine, and exhibits a profound sensitivity that is particularly evident when looking at his shots.

His perspective is unique; he can find beauty in every place and convey truly intense emotions through shots that are never ordinary. Moreover, he has the innate ability to never give up, facing every challenge with composure and determination.
Matteo captures moments first with his eyes and then with his camera, and perhaps this is his great secret. He loves experiencing the moment before immortalizing it, which is why his photos have that plus that makes them truly unique.


Graphic Designer

Creativity has a name: Carlotta. Every new project is not a task for our graphic designer Carlotta Antichi, but a new source of inspiration. Any idea, always original and tailor-made for every challenge presented to her, is a reflection of her creative personality.
She is a dreamer, and working within strict frameworks is not her preference; she excels when she is free to create, brainstorm, design, and imagine without limits. Give her a blank canvas, and she will astonish you.
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign hold no secrets for her. She knows and leverages functions so hidden that they are likely unknown even to the creators of the software themselves.


Graphic Designer

The other side of the moon. Alongside Carlotta, we have Paria Bagheri, a confident and enterprising graphic designer. Her creativity is combined with a natural practical sense, leading to her exceptional problem-solving abilities and the creation of innovative products.
Stubborn, meticulous, and perfectionistic, Paria is always striving for continuous improvement and staying updated. She is undoubtedly an indispensable member of the team, someone you would want to work on your project.
Paria can work anywhere, in fact, the stranger the place, the more focused she becomes. Her favorite "office"? The train carriage, where she can truly concentrate.


Junior Grafic Designer

Graphic designers are always in high demand, especially in such a dynamic team and in a world where visual representation is one of the crucial focuses in the digital realm. That's why Martina Paoletti couldn't be missing. As the youngest member of the team, she recently graduated and possesses a digital perspective on every aspect of reality. Her presence is indispensable because she creates her graphics with a user-friendly approach, particularly focusing on social media.
Her professionalism is evident to everyone. In fact, Martina loves nail art but never manages to finish both hands because there's always a new project to work on.


Sale Manager

Knowledge and innovation in one package. With thirty years of experience as a sales manager, team leader, and focal point, Alessandro Paoletti is the "mature" member of the team. However, this hasn't stopped him from immediately embracing the AFLOW spirit and becoming the motivator of the group.

Proactive and a thinker, his mind is constantly active, studying new strategies to achieve the goals he has set. In fact, he always keeps a notebook on his bedside table to jot down ideas that come to him at night.

His self-irony is engaging, as he jokingly signs off as "BO," the AFLOW boomer.



She is the beloved mascot of AFLOW, partly because she mistreats the founder Camilla. Luna is the canine embodiment of our brand, as AFLOW stems from the combination of the alpha private and "flow," creating a new word: "controflusso" (countercurrent). Furthermore, when you reverse "Flow," it reads "Wolf."
Therefore, could there be a more fitting mascot than a toy poodle that feels like a wolf, and even acts as the pack leader? We answer, no!

Luna attends every meeting, offering pet therapy in exchange for a few treats, and keeping everyone in line with her barks.